Renowned for his versatility, Italian-American artist Harry Bertoia turned his hand to painting, jewellery and sound sculpture designs throughout his life. Designing just one collection of furniture in his lifetime, he is nonetheless considered one of the 20th century’s most important and influential designers.

Beginning his career as a jewellery designer and metal worker, Harry Bertoia relocated to California and began his career in furniture in 1946. Working alongside Charles and Ray Eames to help develop methods of laminating and bending plywood, Bertoia was instrumental in designing the famous Eames chairs. Eventually encouraged by Hans and Florence Knoll to set up his own metal shop in Knoll’s production facility, Bertoia went on to design his iconic wire furniture collection in 1952.

A series of wired designs, the Bertoia Collection includes the iconic Diamond and Bird Chairs. Characterised by their distinctive wire frames, each chair in the statement collection is still crafted to the highest possible standard. Praised for his other creative pursuits as well as his furniture design, Bertoia was also an accomplished artist. With solo exhibitions dedicated to his work across the USA, Harry Bertoia remains as well known for his paintings and sculpture as he does his furniture.