Poul Henningsen | Iconic Designers | Modern Furniture | M-Edition


Forming a lifelong collaboration with Louis Poulsen in 1925, Poul Henningsen is renowned across the globe for his innovative and radical approach to all his creative practices. A pioneer of Danish design, Henningsen also turned his hand to journalism and architecture throughout his career.

The son of Danish actress Agnes Henningsen, Poul Henningsen was born in Copenhagen in 1894. A student at The Technical School in Frederiksberg and the Technical College in Copenhagen, Henningsen trained as an architect before turning his interest to lighting. Forming a close partnership with Louis Poulsen, Henningsen designed and produced icons such as the PH Artichoke Pendant and the PH Lamp. Boasting pieces in permanent collections at some of the world’s most prestigious museums, he is a true design icon.

A proficient writer as well as a renowned designer, Poul Henningsen experienced a literary breakthrough in the 1920s. Notable for his controversial, and often radical, views, Henningsen released his book What About Culture? In 1933. Henningsen's writing often connected culture and politics and he was later appointed Editor of Louis Poulsen's magazine “NYT” by its CEO, Sophus Kaastrup-Olsen. Forced to leave Denmark during the Nazi occupation, Henningsen continued to write from the confines of his refuge in Sweden.

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