Serge Mouille


Serge Mouille’s lamps are highly recognized and not in vain, their creator was one of the most successful French lamps designers of the last century. At 15 he enrolled in the speciality of Metallurgy at the School of Applied Arts in Paris where he spent the next four years under the tutelage of sculptor Gilbert LaCroix. After finishing his studies he started working as an assistant to LaCroix.

Later, Serge Mouille he joined the French Resistance and after the war finally opened his own design metallurgical workshop, while he is teaching at the School of Applied Arts. Various utensils, including a car body, were produced during this time by the French designer.

But it was not until 1953 when Jacques Adnet hired him to develop lighting designs that wouldn’t start that phase of his life that he never left. He defined his lamps as a reaction to the popular Italian designs invading the market during the 50s and he considered too complicated.

Serge Mouille pursued a design inspired by nature and eroticism that evokes some movement and dynamism in space, with the idea of understanding the metallurgy in space. He never considered industrial production and each of his models was handmade.